Recruiting apprentices

We are recruiting new apprentice in Kokonoe-beya

It is essential to discover young, talented and promising young wrestlers for Kokonoe-beya.
Please inform us if you know someone who seems to have great potentiality.

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I am Ryuji Kokonoe who has succeeded the name of Kokonoe from 58th Yokozuna –Chiyonofuji-.
We carry on the torch taken over from former precursors and develop the great sumo wrestling as the national sport of Japan.

If you have any interest in Sumo, why not join us and become a sumo wrestler?

If you are uncertain about it, there is the way to join the morning training tour or trial training first to get to know our stable.

My motive for becoming an apprentice was to independent and look after my parents.
The former master and landlady guided and shown me the way every time I faced the difficulties.

I am disciplining myself to become a great master just like my former.
It must be challenging for a boy who knows nothing to join the sumo world.
But please jump in with a big dream.

From Chiyonoyama, Chiyonofuji and me –Chiyotaikai-.
Named after with “Chiyo” – our traditional stage name, why do not you train with us to become a real man with wisdom and strong mind?
Our stable is consisted of 6 Sekitori wrestlers, juniors and staffs. We will support you in a team.

Just imagine, you are worn in the classical Japanese style – do your hair in a chignon style with geta sandals - exemplifying the stylish male figure. The only thing you have to do is just “Decision”.

Why don’t you start a new life at Kokonoe stable with us?

We will guide you carefully and kindly if you are inexperienced in Sumo.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


167cm over
67kg over
23year old under

※At the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament on March, there are height and weight requirements for a graduate from junior high school ; over 165cm and 65 kg.

※Age restriction shall be alleviated to age 25, when the chair person approves the following cases;
・Approved the makushita or third lowest position, and
・Have one's constant achievement in Somo at the top of the list, and
any martial arts.

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